SpaceX’s project is delayed Elon Musk sacked 7 managers

SpaceX’s top manager Elon Musk, the company’s satellite internet provisioning system, Starlink, due to not go at the requested speed of work on the project was reported that the 7 senior managers fired.

According to information provided by the company’s two employees, Musk has been experiencing some differences with the team that developed Starlink satellites, and especially because of the end date of the project has separated the paths of many names were recorded. The names that have been recently employed include Microsoft and Google.

The small and low-priced satellites of the Elon Musk wanted to be the first to launch the market in the mid 2019, and it was said to be competing with OneWeb and the Canadian Telesat Company. Among the names that lost their job were the SpaceX VP satellites, Rajeev Badyal and chief designer Mark Krebs.

SpaceX had previously received permission from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to send four thousand 425 satellites with low orbit between 2019 and 2027 in space. When the Starlink project is activated, wired Internet and fiber optic cables can be used via Internet satellite in areas where the cable is not available and will rise at long distance internet speed. At the beginning of Elon Musk, SpaceX wants to put the Internet access via satellite into service in 2020.

In relation to Starlink in Musk 2015, “We will recreate the internet in space. Our goal is to ensure that long-distance internet traffic is done through this network. ”

SpaceX has about 6 thousand employees. At the beginning of this year 50 people were separated from the company voluntarily. The company’s Redmond office in Washington was given a job posting for 22 people at the beginning of the week.

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