Tesla’s New Wireless Charger

Ella Musk’s CEO, the famous electric car manufacturer Tesla, added a new product to the company’s lifestyle product catalog and drove the internal battery wireless charger to the market.

Having succeeded in creating a revolution in the electric car industry, Tesla offers a range of accessories and tools for non-Tesla consumers with its products titled ‘Life Style’. As of today Tesla drove the company’s new life-style product, the internal battery-powered Qi wireless charger.

The Tesla wireless charger, which has a built-in battery with a capacity of 6000mAh, has one USB Type-C and one USB Type-A input. The wireless charger with 22.2Wh power has 5V / 2A input. The device has the same design language as Tesla’s Powerwall device. For this reason, it has a very stylish and simple appearance.

The worst thing about the Tesla wireless charger with built-in battery is the price. Tesla has set a $60 price tag for the device in question. The wireless charger with the highest score on Amazon is only sold for $40. However, Tesla sells the wireless charger for people who do not want the internal battery at a discount of $20.

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