The founder of the Amazon and the richest person in the world, Bezos donated $2 billion to homeless and education

Amazon’s founder, Jeff Bezos, announced that he donated $2 billion to the trust fund he created to help the homeless and build new schools.

The fund, described as the name Bezos Day One fund (Bezos first day fund), will fund associations and foundations that help homeless families, and will establish nonprofit kindergartens in poor neighborhoods.

Bezos had a wealth of 164 billion dollars, but was criticized for doing very little charity work.

His donation from Twitter describing Bezos “education is not to fill a void to burn a fire, and the early burning of this fire gives every child a significant advantage. I would like to thank everyone who has ever come to me with suggestions. Being a member of a species that is so enthusiastic about self-improvement, it fills me with optimism and gratitude. ”

The Amazon, which Bezos founded in 1994, had reached a $1 trillion market value this month.

Although the US businessman announced his donation of $2 billion, this amount has been donated by Mark Zuckerberg, who has pledged to donate 10 billion dollars to today, Bill Gates, or 99 per cent of his shares on Facebook to an organization that works for the public interest. It’s too small.

Bezos is the owner of the Amazon, as well as Blue Origin, which develops space rockets and the Washington Post newspaper in the United States.

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