Twitter Now Lets You Sign In With Apple Or Google

In the past, the only way to sign up for a Twitter account was to create one directly with Twitter. This is versus other online services that use features like Sign in with Facebook or Google or Apple to make the signup process a lot faster and also easier, but Twitter has decided to change that.

As per the previous reports where Twitter was testing out the feature, the company has now rolled it out in earnest. This means that if you’re new to Twitter and want to create an account, you can choose to use either Apple or Google. The former might be of interest to those who want a bit more privacy.

This is because with the Sign in with Apple feature, Apple gives users the option of masking their email address. This feature basically creates a throwaway email address that forwards emails from the service to your actual email, meaning that the service such as Twitter will not know your actual email.

While you will still receive notifications and promo emails, they will be forwarded from the Apple email account that was created when you sign up. It’s actually a great way to help keep your personal details private, or at least as private as one might expect from the internet.

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