Twitter social network said it had seen some malicious activity related to the recent US midterm elections, but it was “nothing out of the ordinary” and turned out to be mostly of domestic origin.

“While we did see some malicious activity, it was nothing out of the ordinary — we took action at speed & scale. It was generally sharing of low volume & low reach voter suppressive content. Importantly — based on our initial review — the vast majority appeared to be of domestic origin,” the company wrote on its official Twitter Public Policy account late on Wednesday.

The company’s statement followed media reports that emerged last week, suggesting that Twitter had deleted around 10,000 accounts targeting the supporters of the Democratic Party ahead of the November 6 poll.

Twitter subsequently responded to the claims by saying it had indeed removed a number of accounts as a means to halt attempts to share disinformation in an automated fashion.

Another IT giant, Facebook, said it had blocked over 100 accounts over possible foreign influence in the US midterm elections.

IT companies have been monitoring accounts and online activities and taking measures to prevent foreign influence after Washington accused Russia of alleged meddling in the 2016 US presidential election with the use of social media, among other things.

While the investigation into this alleged interference continues, Russia maintains the United States had never provided proof of its involvement in these activities.

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