Uber Eats delivery driver texts student to say ‘sorry love, ate your food’

A student was left stunned after a food delivery driver sent her a message saying he’d eaten her food.

Illy Ilyas, 21, placed a £14.71 order on Saturday for two burgers, chips and a chicken wrap from Bim’s in Ilford, east London using the Uber Eats app.

As is standard, she received a message saying her food was on the way and another notification saying the driver was nearby.

But instead of dropping off the order, the courier sent Illy a text message saying: ‘Sorry love, ate your food.’

After reopening the app, she was told the food had been delivered and was even encouraged to give the driver a tip.

The law student got in touch with Uber Eats and was eventually able to reorder her food for free.

But she refused to blame the driver, telling The Sun: ‘Maybe he was really hungry.

‘I wouldn’t want to be the reason a peckish man gets unemployed in a pandemic.

‘I found the whole thing funny. At least I know that the food was eaten.

‘In the end, I got my food so I wasn’t fussed.

‘This has never happened to me before.

‘But the message did add comedic value to my usually mundane Uber Eats order. So, for that, he is forgiven.’


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